"...we couldn’t be more grateful for this genre-bending mastermind. If you’re an avid fan of alt-J and Hozier, do yourself a favor and check out Christian Sparacio immediately."

-Alissa Arunarsirakul // The Hidden Hits

"Just like if Harry Styles and The Temper Trap had a lovechild, Christian Sparacio’s developing sound is promising.."


 -Ana Milo Devine // NoiseTrend

Christian Sparacio is a Marlboro, NJ native. The middle of two brothers, Christian grew up ​

playing football. Christian always had a love for music, singing almost exclusively in the shower until his Junior year in highschool when his enrollment in the Chorus brought his musical talents to formal fruition.


Now, Christian works tirelessly to refine his singing and songwriting craft, and has dreams of becoming a full time musician. With an eclectic musical taste, it is difficult to pin down a single inspiration for Christian's music, but notable comparisons include Alt-j, Hozier, Mt. Joy, and John Mayer.