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"...we couldn’t be more grateful for this genre-bending mastermind. If you’re an avid fan of alt-J and Hozier, do yourself a favor and check out Christian Sparacio immediately."

-Alissa Arunarsirakul // The Hidden Hits

"Just like if Harry Styles and The Temper Trap had a lovechild, Christian Sparacio’s developing sound is promising.."


 -Ana Milo Devine // NoiseTrend

- Indie Folk
_ Folk
_ Folk Rock
- Indie Rock
- Alternative
- Singer/Songwriter

Listening to Christian Sparacio is like being embraced by the sun and escorted across the horizon without ever being burned. His wistful stories beckon one toward the sky for a better view of the world. Hold his melody’s hand as you walk out of your body and gaze back at your self like a shadow - smirking as the angle of your shade changes just to your liking. With no interest in the prizes of wealthy men, nor the means to explore them,


Christian focuses on healthy ceilings that can carry his raw melodies and send them back to him as songs. Wielding a voice molded by days singing Sinatra in the car with his father and emulating Adele in his sweet falsetto, Christian formulates finely curated vocal performances that marry well with his endearing guitar playing.


For fans of: Hozier, Mt. Joy, Jim Croce, Dermot Kennedy, George Ezra, Half Moon Run, Iron & Wine.

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